Choosing a new IT Firm for your Business?

Choosing an Information Technology firm for your business can be quite difficult.  So here are some basic questions that you must ask when hiring a new firm or consultant:

  1. Get references and actually call them.
    1. This is the most important task you have.  The market is flooded with IT Professionals but there is only a select few that can fully meet all your needs and finding a good one can take time.  I cannot stress this enough for you to actually call references.  You need too!
  2. Ask for their prior experience as a Consultant.
    1. Corporate experience is a big plus since a consultant with prior enterprise experience can add a lot of value to a small business.  Not only a small business but to businesses that have a plan to expand.
  3. Shop around before deciding:
    1. Interview consultants the same way as you would interview new employees.
    2. Once committed, they will be your IT department, so be sure that you have taken the opportunity to go over their contract and are completely satisfied with the contract before signing it.
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Industry Standards for Desktops and Laptops

I’m always asked: “What is the best desktop and laptop our organization should standardize on?”

Well, with my extensive corporate experience and contacts from nationwide distributors, I have come up with the best systems to standardize on for all organizations.

  • HP Desktops:
    • The 6200 or 8200 series
  • Lenovo Laptops:
    • T Series for all day use.  A perfect desktop replacement.
      • Very powerful
    • X Series for the road warrior.
      • Very small and light
      • Long battery life

These are the standards that the majority of fortune 500 companies deploy today.

Not to forget, Macs are also a great solution but there are some limitations if in a Microsoft Exchange environment. Microsoft has removed the resource scheduling option from Office for Mac which for most is not a problem but companies that utilize booking of conference rooms and resources, that can propose a problem.

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myITfirm Goes National

myITfirm is pleased to announce that we now provide nation wide enterprise class on-site support for all your remote offices.  Whether it is a home office or a satellite office, we have you covered at a faction of the cost of the big retailers.

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Organically Keep Bugs and Insects off your Vegetables and Herbs

I grow vegetables and herbs but I’m constantly battling bugs and insects eating and killing my vegetables and herbs. I have finally found a great organic solution.  Just add a little dish soap to a spray bottle and fill with water.  Spray all your plants and it is like magic; all pests will go away.  Let me know your experiences.

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